Lolita Batutienė, director of the Museum of Prienai Region



Lolita Batutienė


Lolita Batutienė
(photo by Juozas Kamenskas)





In 1984, finished Kaunas Secondary School No. 31.

In 1989, finished the Faculty of Chemical Technology of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute (now – Kaunas University of Technology) and qualified as an engineering technologist.

In 2008, finished the Faculty of Social Studies of Kaunas University of Technology and was awarded a master’s degree in management and business administration.

In 1999-2000, finished a two-year postgraduate programme of Gestalt teaching methods at Gestalt Studies Center of Kaunas (225 hours of workshops on working with individuals and teams).




Work experience


In 1995-2009, worked at Prienai Labour Exchange.

In 2009, was appointed as director of the Museum of Prienai Region.

Member of the Association of Municipal Museums.

Author and co-author of various projects, articles, publications and expositions.





Travels, books, hiking, and water sports.