A path of daily bread


Duration: 1-2 hours
For:  people aged 3 to 99
Place: similar to an authentic nineteenth-century Lithuanian peasant house

Moderator: head of educations E. Petrauskaitė and ethnographer R. Jotautienė

Location: the Museum of Prienai Region, 13 F. Martišiaus St, Prienai
Visiting days: Wednesdays and Fridays

Booking: time can be prearranged by calling +370 656 37554

Fee: 4 euros for children, pupils and students; 5 euros for adults

Educational activity:

Programme participants will see the process of baking bread and be introduced to its history. They will also bake or bring from the museum their own bread.


While bread is being baked, programme participants are introduced to a long path of daily bread, from sowing rye to putting baked bread on the table



Depending on their age, various groups will be engaged in tasks which will help them feel respect for bread and live out the true meaning of the concept “holy”