Maple leaf flowers


Duration: 1 hour

Place: similar to an authentic nineteenth-century Lithuanian peasant house

For: middle-aged and senior pupils, families, and elderly people

Moderator: head of educations E. Petrauskaitė.

Location: the Museum of Prienai Region, 13 F. Martišiaus St, Prienai

Visiting time: a visit in September, October or November can be prearranged by calling +370 656 37554

Fee: 1 euro for children, pupils and students; 2 euros for adults

Educational activity:

Why do leaves change colour in autumn? What a variety of tree leaves! Can you recognise different leaves? After having collected the most beautiful leaves, we are going to learn to compose and make wonderful blossoms of flowers so that, when the winter comes, we will be able to enjoy the memories of a golden autumn…