“Wool path”: a visiting educational programme


Duration: 1-1.5 hour
For: younger and middle-aged pupils and families
Moderator: museology specialist Jovita Každailienė
Location: we come to your specified location

Booking: time can be prearranged by calling +370 644 61951

Fee: 1 euro for children, pupils and students; 2 euros for adults

Educational activity:

This programme will introduce you to wool, i. e. we will tell you what processes are associated with wool, how and why it felts. We will also shed light on many terms and facts which have to be known by everyone starting to felt. You will be able to choose a traditional felt making method that uses hot water and soap or felting with a special needle.


This is how I am felting and working with every single lock of wool fibres…



Wool felting is a technique that was discovered many years ago. To felt wool you do not need to use any binding elements. All you need is some mechanical work, heat and water. All this will have a direct result, i. e. a sturdy wool fibre.