The secrets of the patterns of Easter eggs


Duration: 1 hour

Place: similar to an authentic nineteenth-century Lithuanian peasant house

For: younger pupils and families

Moderator: head of educations E. Petrauskaitė and ethnographer R. Jotautienė

Location: the Museum of Prienai Region, 13 F. Martišiaus St, Prienai

Visiting time: a visit can be prearranged by calling +370 656 37554

Minimum number of participants: 5

Fee: 3 euro for children, pupils and students; 4 euros for adults

The custom of decorating eggs was first established even in pagan times. The egg has been given a magical meaning since ancient times. It is an infinite variety of patterns, perfect shapes and a mysterious multifaceted symbolism that the history of age-old Lithuanian folk art manifests itself in… We are going to tell you all this. Moreover, we are going to teach you to dye eggs using ancient ecological methods and the well-known dyeing technique with wax.