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The Household Museum of Skriaudžiai,

Exposition of calendars of The Household Museum of Skriaudžiai

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The Museum of the Village of Pious Women in Šilavotas,
Exposition „Freedom fights in Šilavotas region“
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The Native Homestead-Museum of Vincas Mykolaitis-Putinas+370 608 02893
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Staff Contacts


DirectorLolita Batutienė
Deputy director-chief funds managerErnesta Juodsnukytė
SecretaryRoma Jotautienė
Head of educational programs
Emilija Petrauskaitė
AccountantNijolė Stotnienė
Coordinator and organizer of cultural eventsRūta Levinskienė
Chief museology specialistSvaja Vinskaitė-Gudžiūnienė
Museology specialistRūta Žiobaitė
IT engeneer, economic activity coordinatorMarius
Museology specialist at the Museum of the Veiveriai RegionJovita Každailienė
Museology specialist at the Household Museum of SkriaudžiaiKristina Pažėrienė
Museology specialist at the Museum of the Village of Pious Women in ŠilavotasDanguolė Lincevičienė
Supervisor at the Native Homestead-Museum of V. Mykolaitis-PutinasJulija Mykolaitienė



The museum is closed during the following holidays:


• January 1st. – New Year

• February 16th – Lithuanian State Restoration Day
• March 11th. – Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania
• St. Easter (Sunday and Monday).
• May 1st. – International Labour Day
• Mother’s Day on the first Sunday in May
• The first Sunday in June – Father’s Day
• June 24th. – St. John’s Day (Dew and Midsummer’s Day)
• July 6th – Statehood Day (Coronation of King Mindaugas)
• August 15th. – Assumption day (Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin)
• November 1st. – All Saints Day
• December 24th. – Christmas Eve
• December 25 – 26. Christmas


Day before public holidays, the museum closes 1 hour earlier.